Information for landlords

Our website offers you, as a landlord, the opportunity to have your holiday homes and villas well publicized. Our extensive experience and know-how in counselling clients enable you to find suitable guests for your property with little effort on your part.

Because we are located at front positions of various search engines and operate regular advertising, your properties are visible to a broad field of potential guests. A good and reliable contact between us is the basis for a successful cooperation and it is therefore important for us to get to know you personally.

For the placement of your property, we require visual material and information from you. We will also take a few pictures of our own to complete your property information on our website.

We operate an availability calendar on our site that informs our web visitors and potential clients of the availability of your houses. It is therefore very important that you maintain this calendar up to date directly on our website with the special access codes you will receive from us.

You incur costs for our services only when a rental contract for your holiday home is successfully concluded.

The contractual partners for the booking are you, as a landlord, and the tenant. It is therefore your responsibility to confirm the booking in writing to the tenant, with a copy to us.

If you are interested in having your holiday home more broadly publicised, then don’t hesitate, contact us immediately!

Please contact us if you would like to work with us as a landlord.

Helga and Walter Kirmaier